One of the other characteristics of our office is that we function as a large family. That’s to say, beyond professional and workday ties that unite our firm human bonds come into play and have a very important role in how we individualize ourselves in a company with almost two hundred employees.

At Uhthoff, Gómez Vega & Uhthoff, there’s a sense of belonging, in other words, we’re proud of what we do, of our history, of our institution. On this account, we feel we are part of a community that has developed professional values and the exercise of our work distinguishes us and constitutes our identity, that’s to say, we know what we are and what we seek: to be a better and bigger firm within the bounds of our nation and dedicate ourselves to the protection of industrial property here, in our country, and throughout Latin America and the world. This vocation that identifies us expresses itself in all aspects our daily affairs, from the completion of our day-to-day work, to the manner in which we have fashioned our image both inside and outside the confines of our offices. As a way of strengthening our identity, unifying our image, and shining light upon the characteristics that distinguish our personnel Uhthoff, Gómez Vega & Uhthoff has adopted forms of personal presentation that synthesizes our values of service, attention and seriousness. On the other hand, we are conscious of the arduous beat of work and the complex urban rhythm that has made the workplace a second home in almost all the countries of the world. Many of us have more contact with our workmates than we do with our own family members. For us, due to that reason, it’s indispensable to live in a workplace that gives consideration to the quality of life therein. Cleanliness, order, silence, harmony and respect between employees is indispensable in attaining this quality. Also, for us it’s important to set aside time for pause, such as lunch hour, being the most agreeable. For this purpose we have designated a space in our facility in which one can sit and pass the time enjoying a tranquil meal.

In these ways the firm has integrated high intellectual, professional and operative qualities, as well as a standard of human quality. At Uhthoff, Gómez Vega & Uhthoff we believe that an institution is similar to a country and that the most important thing for a country is the people who populate it, their level of education, their work ethic and their forms of coexistence. During these first hundred years, we have combined each one of these elements in such a way that we have succeeded with a formula that with time brings us closer to the excellence we seek in each of the areas involved in our profession and in our everyday life at the office. We wish to maintain this formula, bring it to perfection, and develop it to its very limits, limits that day by day form our enthusiastic perspective in feeling ourselves part of a tradition and of the future, tapping into what lies within us and what we have already started: [the century to come].