The image and portrait of an individual are important and valuable elements that must be protected when they are intended to be publicly disclosed. The basis for establishing the rules, terms and conditions for the use of the image and portrait of an individual is an adequate drafting of contracts between the image right holder and the party who intends to make a public use of his image and portrait.

On the other hand, when the image and portrait of an individual is being used without an authorization or by affecting his reputation, it is strictly necessary to take legal actions focused to prevent this illegal conduct to continue affecting the right holder and to obtain an indemnification for moral damages that can be caused.

In the Copyright Department of Uhthoff, Gómez Vega & Uhthoff, SC, we counsel our clients offering them advice in all actions that are required to protect their image and portrait rights, negotiating contracts to authorize their use or, exercising the applicable legal enforcement actions when these rights have been violated.