Mexican law acknowledges the existence of rights on behalf of performers, producers of phonograms and audiovisual contents, book editors and broadcasting companies. They are collectively known as related rights or “derechos conexos”.

For the case of performers, related rights provide exclusivity over the use of their performances, including the right to oppose the fixation (embodiment) of the performance on a tangible media, the reproduction of any such fixation and the public communication or broadcasting of the fixed performances. For the other related right holders, in general terms, related rights provide them with the ability to authorize or prohibit the use of the materials created during the development of their activities.

In the Copyright Department of Uhthoff, Gómez Vega & Uhthoff, SC, we provide an effective counseling to related right holders providing them with the most effective ways to protect their interests. We also provide them with our legal advice to draft and negotiate contracts to extract value of their performances or materials and to exercise all adequate enforcement actions when they are required in front of a violation of their related rights.