Our Firm advises and supports its national and international clients in the implementation of the processes necessary for the management of personal data in terms of the Federal Law of Data Protection in possession of Individuals, this includes the elaboration of privacy notices in all their modalities, design of methods and mechanisms for the correct exercise of ARCO rights and the correct appointment of the individuals responsible for safeguarding personal data. All of the above with the aim for our customers to make a correct management of the data they collect from third parties and that our customers have the legal certainty that they are complying with all legal provisions related to the protection of personal data.

In addition to the above, Uhthoff Gómez Vega & Uhthoff, at the request of our clients, performs a corporate audit to prevent third parties from submitting complaints to the National Institute for Access to Information (INAI) against our clients, making an analysis of the procedures that are being used in the data management and be able to confirm that they are the appropriate ones. In addition to the foregoing, in the event that a complaint is filed against a client by a third party before the INAI, our firm advises them in all phases of the procedure, always looking for the best benefit of their clients.