Our Firm specializes in the practice and compliance of the laws that regulate and enforce the Industrial and Intellectual Property of Mexico, but also in other areas that allow us to provide a more integral service to our corporate clients.

We provide general corporate counsel to national and international companies in structuring, implementation, governance and liquidation of a wide variety of legal entities. We also assist our clients with their corporate record maintenance, day to day affairs and fulfillment of information requirements, as well as in the decision-making process in relation to their regular corporate operations.

Uhthoff provides advice on the design, negotiation, drafting and implementation of joint ventures and shareholder agreements. This includes drafting by laws and contractual provisions for qualified majorities, share transfer restrictions, buy-sell options, as well as other exit strategies, corporate governance, non-competition agreements and exclusivity clauses, among others.

We offer corporate restructuring, including consulting for the restructuring of corporate groups, and obtaining government permits and licenses and complying with requirements before authorities. Corporate compliance, including performing statutory audit procedures to analyze the current situation and identify potential risks and infractions, and support in pursuing corrective actions.

We also offer legal coordination and liaison services in Mexico and abroad. In order to maintain excellence in our services and achieve the widest diversity of services possible, Uhthoff has strategic alliances with highly specialized and respected firms in matters of tax, labor, social security and criminal matters.