Thanks to the widespread development of Information Technologies (IT), what was once considered as “just another means” of advertising on the Internet, has been steadily growing to become one of the essential tools of today’s business practice.

Consequently, Intellectual Property on the cyberspace is one of the most important aspects of many companies and individuals that we routinely help to protect and enforce, starting by the name or trademark that is directly comprehended and/or is essential to a Domain Name.

Our country has its own Dispute Policies concerning Domain Names, same that applies to “.mx” Country Code Top Level Domain Names (ccTLD), namely the “Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy for .mx”, which is a variation of the “Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy” (UDRP) issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and thus qualifies as a Local Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (LDRP) under WIPO rules.

We are convinced that Intellectual Property Rights (IPR’s) are only as strong as the means to enforce them. In that context, arbitration, as a private and confidential procedure, is increasingly being used to resolve disputes involving intellectual property rights, especially when involving parties from different jurisdictions. Intellectual property disputes have a number of particular characteristics that may be better addressed by arbitration than by litigation at a court.

We at Uhthoff, have developed a team of experts who proactively represent our clients concerning Domain Names Disputes according to WIPO policies and rules, particularly on behalf of companies who are seeking to enforce their trademarks against cyber pirates, and our expertise comes from handling a long list of matters in which we were required to cancel and/or assign domain names, thus we have developed numerous options that allow us to act quickly at a reduced cost to better assist our clients.

In addition to representing our clients in domain name dispute procedures, we have developed management solutions concerning the domain names of our clients, which include domain name registrations and renewals, plus several options to acquire domain names without having to exert a formal legal action or engaging in a dispute procedure.