Any human creation that allows the transformation of matter or energy existing in nature for the use of man in satisfying specific needs is considered an invention.

Given the nature of the legislation governing Industrial Property in our country, and due to the evolving technological progress, it is essential to build a professional team not only legal, but also from a technical standpoint. That is why our new creations area is composed of both expert lawyers in a given subject and engineers specialized in different fields of science and technology that assist our clients in defining the appropriate protection figures of the inventions, and thereby protecting the rights to which they are entitled as a result of their invention.

Inventions created by the human intellect can be protected by industrial property under any of the following figures:

  • Patent: Right granted by the State to an inventor or any entitled person, for a period of 20 year, to exclusively use an invention considered to be new, inventive and susceptible of industrial application.
  • Utility Model: Objects, utensils, devices or tools that, as a result of a modification in their configuration, layout, structure or form, provide a different function with respect to its components or an advantage in its use, for a determined period of 10 years. The utility models must be new and susceptible of industrial application.
  • Industrial Design: Are divided into two categories: two-dimensional and three-dimensional industrial designs . The first category is the combination of figures, lines or colors incorporated to an industrial product for decoration purposes giving the object a peculiar aspect of its own. The second category is incorporated by any tridimensional shape that may be used as a pattern to manufacture an industrial product, having a special appearance as long as it does not involve technical effects, for a determined period of 15 years. The industrial designs must be new and susceptible of industrial application.
  • Integrated Circuit Layout: In such applications the arrangement of elements relates to the topography, connections or two-dimensional structure of an electronic circuit.
  • Trade Secrets: Any information of industrial or commercial application kept by an individual or entity as confidential as long as such confidentiality gives such individual or entity a competitive or economic advantage over third parties in the execution of economic activities. As long as such individual or entity has adopted the necessary means or systems to maintain such confidentiality as well as limited access thereof.
  • Plant Breeders Rights: New man-made and developed plant varieties obtained though all types of breeding technologies are susceptible to exclusivity IP rights in Mexico under the figure of Plant Breeder’s Rights and under the provisions of the UPOV Treaty and our National Law of Plant Varieties.

Our firm has more than ample experience and knowledge on the best practices in filing, prosecution and enforcement of such rights in Mexico and abroad. With a staff of qualified life-science / biotechnology specialists and experienced attorneys, we provide a high quality and full scope service in this area for individuals and companies that seek to protect their new plant variety developments.

Our patent team is integrated both by lawyers and professionals specialized in different fields of science and technology and is characterized by being comprised of qualified and trained professionals with high quality experience in a given subject, offering qualified and competent advice covering all areas of both Science and Technology.

Our Patent Practice is focused in the registration, management, and protection of Patents, Utility Models, Industrial Designs, Trade Secrets, Integrated Circuits and Plant Breeders Rights. . For many years, we have been the leading Firm in the filing of patent applications in our country.