Health and Environmental Law

Uhthoff, Gomez Vega & Uhthoff was founded in 1905 and since then it has been distinguished by its quality and service. Our firm specializes in Intellectual Property Law, as well as Corporate Law, comprised by specialist who provide services to domestic and foreign clients, around the globe. By establishing this practice, we help our clients to comply with their health requirements by providing advice on every aspect of health law.

Our group can furnish information concerning the regulations that must be complied with, and the permits that must be obtained by manufacturers and importers, for the preparation and sale of food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, tobacco, cleansers, cosmetics and medicines. In additions, we provide regulatory solutions in connections with day to day and complex environmental regulatory issues and projects for different industrial sectors. This practice offers the following services:


Obtaining health permits from and registration with the Department of Health for foods, beverages, drugs and other products. Obtaining permits to advertise products and services subject to health regulations. Obtaining authorizations for importing health regulated products to be sold in Mexico. Assisting in internal audits to measure compliance with health regulations.


Consultancy in matters of national waters, obtaining concessions to exploit them, permits to discharge wastewater, the execution of hydraulic infrastructure works, among others. Advice on the permitting of industrial production facilities, cleanup pf contaminated sites, reduction of noise and air emissions, emissions trading, chemical regulations, waste regulations and restrictions on hazardous substances.